Personal Training

121 Personal Training is the most popular service that Revive fitness offers. We kick-off your journey to make you a better you with a consultation to discuss where you are right now and where you would like to be. We discuss how we will aim to get there.

We then start to enjoy a journey together consisting of hour long sessions each week, the amount of sessions per week will be discussed in our initial consultation and dependant on you and your current lifestyle. The sessions will be either based at the Revive studio or at your home and are tailormade to you and your goals.

If you are wanting to start start your fitness journey but find funding it a little difficult or maybe you feel nervous about starting the journey alone then may be the option is this!

Bringing along a friend or a small group of you is a great way of reducing the cost and also a great way of sharing time with your friend or friends whilst giving you the moral support you need. Who knows may be it fire up a competitive streak in you!

    Personal Training

    The Revive Studio is fully equipped with water rower, cross trainer, Smith machine, battle ropes and a whole host of weights, kettle bells, medicine balls and dum bells. Your personal plan will give you a varied mix of all equipment, no two sessions are ever the same!

    Rowing Machine



    floor equipment



    • I did it! I reached my goal weight with Helen's training & support. Now I am training with Helen for my first half marathon next year.

      Mathew P
    • Helen is a fantastic instructor, who takes time with everyone who attends. Whatever your fitness level, give it a go you will not regret it!

      Sue B
    • Great classes. Highly recommend - they are fun and friendly sessions, yet always gently finds a way to push you out of your comfort zone.

    • Had my first Bootcamp today with the lovely Helen. Great class, fantastic group of people. Helen supports you to complete the class at your own pace and level of fitness.

      Emily V

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