About Me

I’m helen

I’m a personal trainer based in a small but beautiful town called Eccleshall, Staffordshire.

I am lucky enough to have a beautiful biophilic studio space where I love helping my clients to improve their relationship with fitness and nutrition to improve their lifestyle.

My Passion

I am an experienced rower, runner, and cyclist and anything physical or outdoors I can get my hands on.

Exploring and discovering beautiful places is my passion. My passion and commitment to my lifestyle are high so I love to offer that knowledge to my clients.

Exploring Possibilities

To me life is more than just exercise, its about exploring the possibilities, pushing yourself, reviving yourself, connecting with something, finding yourself, being comfortable with yourself.

I want to help people achieve this so I set up Revive Fitness. Revive is about helping people to find themselves again through exercise, improving fitness, nutrition, all-round nourishment.


verb, re·vive

"To activate, take up again, renew, set in motion, restore to life, vigor and strength"

07837 179684 | helen@revivefitness.co.uk

Revive fitness, Sugnall Hall, Sugnall Estate, Sugnall, ST21 6NF

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