Post workout and I’m next meal is at least an hour away....I’m hangry! Don’t talk to me right now! I need something to stuff into my screaming stomach and I need it NOW. My sheer stubbornness and self respect says “but what the hell do I eat? Ive just worked my ass off, sweated liked crazy, pushed my lungs until they were about to burst, pushed my legs until they turned to jelly. I’m not spoiling it now but scoffing something that is going to ruin the good work.


Having a physical job, running and rowing as hobbies. I’ll be on my feet at Revive all day, then scoot off to run with some buddies, get home, cant justify eating a meal early so I need a snack. But what snack? When I was rowing a lot more than I do nowadays. My day would start at 6:30am in the gym, complete my workout program designed to help us become stronger rowers, get to work for the day, drive forty minutes after work to row (twice a week cycle one and a half hours) in Ironbridge. Drive or cycle home. Get home, need to eat or end up my s***. So what do you find to help those around you stay alive!


So I have this little equation that I did out when I need to know what I can eat without spoiling all that work that Ive done. Now I’m not saying you can only use this once you have cycles across Staffordshire and completed Worlds Strongest Man (or woman) its a post workout help sheet.
Or in the current pandemic what do I give my child who is becoming slightly irrational, asking for something to eat or even screaming the house down.

So what do you....

Take 1g of carbohydrate per kg of body weight
Take 0.25g of protein per kg of body weight
Look at the charge and tally up what snack you can have.

So take a 10 stone me....

I can have 63g carbs and 15/16g of protein so I chose 2 slices of wholegrain bread and 50g cheese.

Or a
A large banana, 100g natural yogurt, 1tbsp honey.


I just love this; ok so its a little strict, some may say too much or too intense. When you measure out portions, sometimes you do have a little wake up call in terms of what your current portion sizes are; I realised just the other day that I was having three times the amount I should of porridge for breakfast! But sometimes we need an wet fish across the face, sometimes we need to own it and accept responsibility is ours, remember that program ‘Secret Eating’. Well it starts somewhere. Sneaking on little extras here and there all adds up. I am not teaching how to suck eggs or trying to lecture you, I am purely speaking from experience and lessons learnt AND constantly learning!



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